Sunday, December 03, 2006


Last minute stuff.... Today, I have spent the last 3 or 4 hours working on the website, before heading out the door to go meet other people to study for finals.... and I also worked on any final changes before the printing actually occurred on a section that I perhaps screwed up.... it seems, I got a bit over zealous in my editing process and did not really think about how others can sometimes feel a bit possessive about the hard work they put into something... Today I had to correct that... It was probably as much my fault as anyone's, because I'm not really used to having to ask someone to make changes to something.. I just edit it. My business often times puts me in charge of projects... when you are an entreprenuer you do a lot of your own work and wear many hats. A lot of responsibilities lie on your shoulders and other people involved in your business really depend on you. I allowed this to get in the way... I did apologize, even if it was not my fault.. but I still felt bad about it... I just really wanted to have a great project that would actually be used... To me as for at least one other member of our group, this was really about more than just a grade, it was about doing something for a client that is meaningful and useful.

Today I also spent a couple more hours updating everything for the website.... Hopefully by Wednesday, I will have all the documents uploaded in their final state... Some of our paper was piecemailed together, so it isn't as easy as just a conversion.