Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Final Reflection

Well, our presentation went well I think and we have a project that our group can really be proud of.... It is our hope it will be used, over and over again, by many people. Below you will find some powerful things I've learned, after a few thoughts and a short word from our sponsor... my business.

Our website reflecting our project is up at: http://www.speakingbadger.com/peoples. I will be uploading the final PDF later tonight or sometime tomorrow morning.

I was going back over all the many, many emails that we emailed back and forth to each other and in the last month, I have spent an average of 5 hours per week just writing back forth with ideas, solutions and updates. This has been an amazing process and I have learned a lot. Not only was I able to learn more about non-profits and 501(c)(3)'s, but I also learned a lot about the natural food industry. I'm aslo very fortunate, because much of the non-profit information I will use later in my own business. We are setting up an association, actually eventually more than one. Anyway, this research will become invaluable to me.

We are setting up a TRUE assocaition that has the main goal of really helping those who join with REAL benefits. We will have a very inexpensive membership that will be packed with benefits that range from roadside assitance to medical benefits like those offered by AFLAC, except much less expensive. On the bottom of our website I have a link for any non-profit or large association or just any group of people such as coops, that want to add benefits for their memberships. We have about 30 different individual benefits that can be tailored to meet any groups goals, with both price and value.

Something I learned in this class, partly because of my own personal digestive situation, because of my own sensitivies that I've developed with food but also from our reading, It is really sticking with me is and I think it will have a long lasting effect, and it is mostly in regards to the book Omnivores Dilemma It has completely changed the way I view food, sometimes now, when I walk around a food court or look at certain restaurants I'm way more conscious of the food on the menu and where it comes from or how it came to be.... The corn part jsut got to me... I mean I knew there were problems and things to watch out for before, but now... it is etched on my brain. Sometimes just reading the names or thinking about the foods, makes me start to get sick to my stomach.

Admittedly, I do crave certain things like a burger and fries or a big juicy steak from some restaurant, it is just how sometimes, I crave sugar, normally I don't really like a lot of sweet things and I avoid them, but sometimes the sweet tooth kicks in and I really want something... until I do actually eat it and then I can't handle it and I get sick and don't touch it for another couple months usually....

I'll be a meat eater the rest of my life, there is no doubt, but I still feel strongly about waste not, want not... I can't handle waste... I will probably always eat very little meat and lot of veggies... But now, I'll be much more conscious of being sure that I'm actually eating stuff that is healthy, more natural and that means it will taste A LOT BETTER!!