Monday, October 09, 2006

Today we watched "Super Size Me" in Class. It was very good and it was quite entertaining as well. The only time I ever liked to eat at McDonalds was while in the military and overseas... One reason was in many countries they had cuisine that was local to that country and the other reason is it often reminded us of home... it was American Food and sometimes when you are gone for any length of time it is nice to have something that reminds you of home.

How someone could eat McDonalds for 3 meals in one day is beyond me, but for 30... wow! I especially liked the part in the program where they talked with an alternative school that had a fresh and nutritional food program. That showed how many behavioral issues are not as big an issue as they should be... They acted better and had clearer heads. To find out more about this program you can watch this video. Of course you can get to the link on the "Super Size Me" site as well. Another link on that site that could be really useful for any parents that have children in school, whose school doesn't already have a program like this is this packet. It has the whole program outlined.

Another subject that came up today mostly after class was in regards to meat and eating meat. It seams many people become Vegan or Vegetarian because of the slaughtering of animals. I know how they are slaughtered and how sometimes it is done in mass and it is not done in the most ethical way. But other times it is not done in such a way. Man was intended to eat meat as part of his diet. Any Vegan will tell you that if they don't take the right supplements then they would get very sick. Because a vegan diet is missing some of the very important nutrient components that are necessary for life.

There are places that you can buy good meat that is killed via humane means and even ceremonial means. Such as Naturally Native Meats, located in Dallas, Oregon. It is all natural, grass fed, free roaming with no antibiotics or anything like that and it is Buffalo Meat, which is far better for you... it has high concentrations of Omega-3's and other nutrients. The only food with higher amounts is Fish, which are questionable in many ways too... as we read in Omnivore's Dilemma, fish from farms, may be safe from the dangerous and poisonous metals found in much of seafood, but they may be corn fed. No fish was ever meant to eat that way, so it does make you wonder, what other harm will eating it to us....

Anyway, this film was quite eye-opening.. I did take some additional time today (nearly 3 hours) to read from our books and to also go over more of the course packet.