Thursday, January 27, 2005

First Post...

This is the first post to this blog... as we are in the development stages for a new organization that we have found a great need for in our area... Many people, including myself and my business partner have found that in Washington County or the Saint George area as you be more familiar with, is a unique community. Saint George has approximately 50,000 people and growing, where Washington County has a little more than 100,000 people... so, this is not a small town, by any sense of the word. Yet the people from the area, don't seem to want this place to go... yet, it is growing whether anyone here likes it or not and Planned growth is definitely better than unplanned growth.

This new organization is going to be a non-profit organization that is designed primarily for businesses and individuals that desire to grow. The attitude of those from outside the area is that, "Hey, that is awesome that you are starting a business, good luck, can I do anything for you?" Yet, they don't actually use those businesses or help them to stay in business... Things are not happening liek they should be and there is not organization that is really helping business to expand and network in way that is useful... The people in this area are alienating those who are from outside the area, that may think differently or believe differently. I think that most people that are from here, don't realize the difference in attitudes, perhaps they have not lived outside the state, or in a big city, or something.. or they have been here for too long and have just become like everyone else...

Work ethic?? What is that...?? I fail to find it in most people here... Why is that?? Why aren't more businesses capitalizing on the built in tourist industry this area has... we need to be catering to the people who visit our communities... it is possible to maintain values and morals, much like Provo has done and still have lots of things to do and attract visitors... this leads to other issues that I will address at a later time that deal with the lack of things to do for young people or single people in this area and all the problems that causes... we are a growing college town and very close to another large university SUU, up in Cedar City and still, what are people to do....??

The pupose of this blog is going to be just that.... Try and help people who are wanting to visit Saint George or the surrounding areas to find things to do, to help inspire those that live here to do things that will help the community to grow, by planning more and capitalizing on the natural markets that this area has and then most importantly to try and get others to understand how business is the lifeblood of any community.

Those who fail to plan correctly, are just planning to fail... yes an old cliche but true nonetheless... There are many areas that I would like to address in this blog and for the first few weeks or maybe even months, it may seem to jump around a bit as I get everything out, that not only bothers me, but my associates and many other individuals that I speak with.

Until next time... Smile always... and be active in your community.